Help me!

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I have no idea how to use snap and I don't know how to use it
What's problem you are encountering?
snap's ui is terrible
What have you tried that didn't work?

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

read the snap manual.

have you learnt scratch?

Yes I understand scratch really well but I don't really understand snap! Because the ui's so messy

what actually are you trying to do that you can't figure out how to do? "using snap" could mean doing all sorts of different things, and people here can't explain how to do every possible thing in snap

The ui? It’s identical to scratch 2’s ui

Maybe flat blocks could help?

Then scratch 2's ui is probably bad and I love scratch 3's ui so they learned I guess

What I mean is how to make games like platformers and any sprites other than the turtle sprite

You can import costumes by dragging and dropping images into snap, using file > import, or file > costumes. You can then switch to the costume to not use the turtle sprite. Of course I do need to mention, you cannot get rid of the turtle costume, because that is the base sprite without any costumes.

As an avid fan of Scratch 2, Snap’s design was inspired by Scratch 1.4.

I meant any default sprites other than the turtle sprite

Well, that's not possible.

There are no default sprites in Snap!. Just make a new turtle sprite and import costumes into it, from your computer or the costumes menu.

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