Help me how to publish

Hello, guys!

Can you guys help me how to publish a project? (not in scratch in snap!)


Suite du sujet How do I publish a project? :

it doesnt help.

(click on My Projects)

(click on the project you want to publish)

(click on share and click on publish)

when i make a project it doesnt save in projects page

have you try to search it ?

what's the name of the project?

but theres nothing i can share/publish

Did you make sure to verify your account? You should get an email about it.

They're verified, that's not the problem.

I think perhaps you (@goldslimepup) are thinking you're in Scratch, which automatically saves your projects. In Snap!, you have to save explicitly, either with the Save option in the file :page_facing_up: menu, or with control-S. (Does that work if you're not on a Mac? I think so.)

It should - On Mac it's just renamed to CMD & also given an icon (⌘ instead of Ctrl/CTRL), it should still work. (I could be wrong in terms of functionality though)

The thing is, on the Mac ⌘S is a browser instruction meaning to save the Snap! web page, and ^S is a Snap! command meaning to save the project. If there's only control, not command, as a key modifier, then there's a conflict over what ^S should mean, and I'm not sure who wins.

There's a function which you can call in javascript on the event, .preventDefault(), which blocks the browser action, and only runs the programmer defined action, which in this case is save the project.

And I can confirm that ctrl+s does save a project on windows 10 brave (chrome).

Groovy. Thanks!

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