Help for a swear word censor block

Is there an entire list of swear words formatted in every possible way i can use for a swear blocker?
Or at least, a way to very quicly find a lot of charactars that look like one in english?

Note: ik about the rule, so i mean somewhere else.

If this would be used to censor chat in a game or something, there would constantly be little kids trying to look in the code for swear words. Most games I've seen on Scratch that have swear blockers for whatever reason don't have a list of swear words, but rather have a dictionary that DOESN'T have any swear words and censor words not in the dictionary.

Oh ok!

Do you happen to have a dictionary website for an entire list.

Every word in the world(or at least the most common words. Then again, this is snap.)

What are you looking to make anyways?

A (this is not scratch,) chat.

I was recently introduced to netsblox. And my cousins chat too. I want to register there too.
I can make it somewhat like a websocket(i assume) but this time(me) i can prevent swearing and just, dirty language.

Oh and a sort of phone calling system too. But it sounded terrible. When soinding in intervals, it sounds "poppy"

So like low budget discord?

Also, I don't think chatrooms are allowed on Snap! but I could be wrong

Thats why i said this isnt scratch. And this has a better filter as like what you all kept "complaining" to my cousin about server side security and all that stuff.

It goes to the server for checking, and if approoved, pushes the message to all signed in users.

And may be low budget, but we can even send media!

Also, is this true @bh?

maybe you should change the title to "Help for a swear word censor block" because the current title sounds like you want a block that gives you a swear word.

Lol no

make a list of all the swear words, and any word typed that is that word gets hashtagged
like, if "scratch" was a swear word, it would appear like this:
my account got blocked on ######

i dont think any1 would look in the list

yeah, don't bet on it. I tend to look inside projects to see code, and I look at variable values, so I would look at the list. I think it might be better to use some kind of encoding on the words so people don't know what the words are, and some kind of complicated decoding so people won't really understand it, maybe in javascript?

Well I still recommend using whitelists, so people won't use "ssnnaapp" or similar if "snap" is blacklisted

They could add an algo* to detect runs of the same letter.
(*Does anybody else use that abbr?)

well runs of the same letter is not the only way to bypass, and I don't think I can enumerate them all.

you could also use x & y to evade the swear word ban

like, if scratch was a swear: