Help broadcast is somehow messing up code?

So when I click on this code, it removes the last clone of my sprite, which as u can see should happen 3 times with a 0.5 second delay each time. When I click on the block, it works exactly as intended; however, if I make that block run with a broadcast, then instead of only deleting 3 of the 20 clones on screen, it deletes all of them in 3 stages. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thanks in advance

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The clones share the code in your sprite's scripting area. So when you broadcast the message, every clone starts deleting clones.


Whaa thats rude?I didnt know.
Classical exponential error.

I suggest that broad casts should only work on clones if they ackknolegde the user about cloning problems.

There's no need to be rude- they probably didn't know.

Well, but, that would break a bunch of projects. Instead, you can use the new feature that lets you direct a broadcast to a particular sprite.

Thank you for the replies, but which block would this be and how would I use this? Sorry for being so clueless, I have java experience but I'm new here and experience between the 2 languages doesn't exactly translate that well

You can check if the spite is a clone and allow execution only for the parent sprite
untitled script pic - 2022-10-15T023847.692

The block I meant is the same BROADCAST block, but if you click on the little arrowhead at the right end, it'll look like this:
untitled script pic
and then you can use the second input to direct the message to a specific sprite.

so that's the project I'm working on and its incomplete at the moment, but basically its a player and a computer removing 1 to 3 sticks at a time, and whoever removes the very last stick loses. For some reason though, when it broadcasts to a specific clone to delete it, it somehow ends up deleting 2 clones instead. Could you please take a look at my code and tell me if anything is wrong? The sprite with my problems is called "Line maker"

Ok thank you so much

Nevermind I figured it out. Thanks all!

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