Hello! I'm xHeatwave. 👋

Hi! I'm xHeatwave and I am a Transformers fan. My old account was Scratchfangs but I made a new account since I have a new Scratch account. I use both Scratch/Snap and I love to code!

Hello, xheatwave. What is the project you would like to share?


Why do you have the same profile picture as @scratchfangs?

they might be the same personnnnnn :o

Because I am Scratchfangs, on a new account. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How do I edit posts?

There's a pencil icon under your posts, if you want to edit the post, you can press on it.

I don't see any pencil icon..

Huh, then that means you haven't reached the trust level where you can edit posts. (your account is fairly new)
Or, it might be a bug.

You need to press the 3 dots underneath your post, then there should be a pencil icon.
Edit: Oh nevermind, it showed up for me without pressing that. May be a trust level thing

My trust level went up, I can now edit posts.

How do I report bugs? My trust level went up but the pencil icon isn't showing anymore.

Make a topic in #bugs:forum-bugs
Also welcome to Snap!