Hello I am new to libraries in snap

Hello sir jens
Do you have a tutorial of libraries in snap?
As I am new to it, I want a tutorial to learn about all the libraries and where to use them

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Not a tutorial, exactly, but the Snap! Reference Manual lists the libraries and briefly explains the blocks, starting on page 89 in the current edition.

Thanks for help!!

Sir Last time I opened the reference manual it opened
But now when i open it shows only the first page and all grey pages
Please help!!

Hi, I think it is your network problem because the manual loads fine for me. If you have the offline version of Snap!, then you can find it in a folder (or as I say, directory) named "help". I hope this helps!

I use Snap! Cloud and I have very high network bandwith

Could you please share a screenshot then?

I tried by closing all tabs then it works thanks
I think many tabs make it slow

Great to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

when the pages are all grey, that means they haven't loaded yet. There should be a loading bar at the top of the page.

NO i waited for more than 30 mins

ok, that makes more sense, so I guess it wasn't that they didn't load.