Hello, I am asking what is the TOTM?

I do not know what the TOTM is, Is there a post that shows it? I want to know.

It stands for, Topic Of The Month. It's kind of like the Scratch Design Studio, but it lasts a month. If you don't know what that is, then here's a better explanation.

It is where you are given a prompt, or theme, and you create a project around it. I personally don't do it, because I have actual things to work on.

I'm asking what the TOTM is. Not what an explanation of TOTM.

TOTM is the topic of the month. This month is (August) is not out yet so you have to stay tuned.

A better title would be "What is the current TOTM". But anyway, each new TOTM gets a new banner on the home page. That is the easiest way to check it.

Everyone is going crazy because Snap!Con starts tomorrow, so don't hold your breath. :~/

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