He ain't heavy, he's my brother

It's been bugging me recently, about how everyone is getting annoyed over this kid and their spamming.

For a language that's whole goal is teaching, this should be something to notice. If you treat a kid on the spectrum who is hyper fixating on snap like an annoying pest, how are you going to get other students to stick around if they see the staff bullying someone who wants to KNOW ALL THE THINGS, EVERY SINGLE THING about snap.

Yes, this kid is a lot of work, but if you work with them you'll probably have a better result than pushing them away.

I don't know this kid, and for all I know it's just a troll and I'm wrong.

But... if I'm not?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Jens isn't angry about me asking questions about snap,or me programming a lot of things in snap.
He is angry about my load of minor bug reports,some of them are feature requests that he said that wont be implemented(but i did not read the update notes)

Sure and I do see Jens point of view as well, you do post a lot. Have you tried maybe creating a txt file or a word file or whatever and jotting down ideas and ways to tackle them?

Maybe if you ask yourself those questions in a document you can spend more time thinking about how to implement the problem yourself? Then if it IS too hard, then resorting to the forums?


anyways this is way off topic so no more discussion of too much topics

Yeah, he's a good kid. Jens is planning a release this week, and that always makes him less patient with distractions. I can remember, myself, getting in trouble long ago, as a kid, for asking too many questions, and I've also experienced deadline pressure, so I'm not picking sides about this.

But also, Jens worries that when the forum fills up with kids posting stuff about the innards of Snap!, it scares away the kids who want to talk about their projects. Even worse than asking questions about it is posting suggested patches to Snap!'s JS code, from the scaring-away perspective.

But usually Jens can manage not to yell at kids. He yells at me instead; I'm the designated whipping boy. :~)

I'm actually a little envious because back when I was a kid there wasn't a "spectrum" to be "on." If you spent all your time facing the corner and rocking back and forth, they sent you to an institution; anything less than that, they just let you sink or swim. But I think we should all refrain from making amateur diagnoses of individuals on the forum.

BH, I'm sure there's a time where if I was more of a chatter and less of a reader on the forums, you being the scapegoat would have saved me from a bit of anger from Jens too. I think 90% of what d4s_over_dt4 is asking is good questions (although sometimes it can be a bit much), and the other 10% is things that should be looked for in the Manual.

I enjoy the presence of the passionate new members in Snap! (and I was one not long ago, still not the most technical user).

Thanks :slight_smile:


oh ok,i will avoid that :slight_smile:





Anyways,this is way off topic.bh split?

Which is why I tried to hedge my bet and assume there was a possibility I was mistaken.
I do that, as a "gifted kid" that burned out because they never achieved anything beyond "gifted kid"

On an unrelated topic, I'm the one who contacted you during Snapcon asking if I could change my details as I didn't see a way to do it on my end? As that was a couple months ago, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember.

Oh. Did I, or someone, solve your problem?

It's okay, I'm not going to quit Snap! because people yell at me. Better me than a kid. :~)

No, I set this username a while ago, 2020ish and I seldom log in. I'm trying to atleast log in to the forums more, and maybe post sometimes, but little steps. I usually lurk a lot. Step one would be a less ridiculous username. Well, slightly less ridiculous.

Would it be easier if I just created a different account on snap and either merge or delete this one?

Yeah,we know :~)


Hes not spamming. But if he was, you would get annoyed too. Don't lie.

The staff isn't bullying him.

This post makes me more annoyed than @d4s_over_dt4's ever had and probably ever will.

he yelled at me :(

Yes, that's easiest, I think.

Yeah I know. Sorry about that...

About the topic name

Is this a reference to the 1969 song by The Hollies? I feel like it is a very interesting choice given the lyrics (of the song) and the topic matter (of this thread). And I don't mean that in a bad way - I do feel like it fits, at least a little bit. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting the lyrics :~)

Yes! And the song, in turn, is a reference to a slogan of Boys' Town, a residence for troubled kids that started in Nebraska and has expanded into a huge enterprise.

That's interesting. The only other Boys Town I know of is Northalsted in Chicago, which seems to be a completely different thing than Boys' Town, Nebraska. But I digress.

(Boystown/Northalsted is a city whereas Boys' Town [the one you linked to] is an organization. But I'm derailing the topic.)