Having a clone be created and moved to another sprites clone

I'm fairly new to Snap and decided to attempt to make a Plants V.S Zombies knock off of a game and am having troubles with the projectiles creating multiple clones of themselves and following a newly created sprite's clone and making it also shoot projectiles via from the creation of another projectile clone being made.

I with many attempts, I've made a single projectile move spots upon placing a new sprite but wouldn't stop creating sprites until the stop sign is pressed. Along with this, I have only 1 clone being made multiple times and don't know how to repeat the same actions when a different clone is made in a different location on the stage. I would gladly take anyone's advice!
Please help!

I'm not quite sure what you're asking. If you are getting more clones than you want, it may be that the clones are making clones. Maybe you need something like this:

If you want the projectile to keep facing in the direction of another sprite, say

If something else is the problem, write again, maybe with a link to your project.

I am trying to create a program that does a solitaire game and was wondering if their was a quick easy way to transfer blocks between 52 different sprites.

Make one of the sprites, then make 51 clones of it. Do all the programming in the parent sprite.

I have already created the 52 sprites, is their a way I can do it without deleting them and remaking them?

Well, first of all, I'm guessing that most of the effort you're trying not to duplicate was in the costumes, not the sprites themselves. So the first thing to do is open each sprite's costumes tab and drag its costume onto the thumbnail of what will become the parent sprite in the sprite corral. So now you have one sprite with 52 costumes, and you can safely delete the others.

But if you don't want to delete the sprites, you should probably still copy all the costumes into the parent sprite. Then, in each of the other 51 sprites, do two things: (1) right-click on the sprite's thumbnail and choose "parent" then choose the desired parent sprite. (2) Right-click on the background of the child sprite's scripting area, and check the "inherited" checkbox.

thanks that helps

also is there a way to select multiple sprites at once

No, sorry. What would that mean? But next time you'll know to set up the sprite hierarchy before doing anything else! :slight_smile: