Have the editor suggest a block to use while doing motion,controls and the like/have premade enemies and designs

This would probably help me the most,since i'm more a super mario maker creator pro and less of the iq of Nintendo.But i do have a suggestion as well,add premade levels and characters.(the latter suggestion is influenced by both Super mario maker and little big planet)

I can't be the only one who wants this to come true :cold_sweat:

what do you mean by premade levels? and i'm assuming by premade characters you mean more characters in the costume library

oh i mean premade stages and backgrounds,and designs(sorry for the late reply...something bad happened)

well i think the premade stages idea is a bit too weird, since snap isn't really a game creator. i mean you can make games in it but there are no built-in tools to make games i mean i mean like

This would be cool.

uh, that would take a whole lot of coding for them, and a ton of ai work. I doubt they would do that.

I'm optimistic about these suggestions

you can google the backgrounds then download them

also you can view scratch tutorials on games https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tutorial=getStarted

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