Hardcoded category colors

Can someone tell me in what script/line the colors of standard Snap! categories are hardcoded? Thanks in advance

objects.js line 162 onwards

I don't know if this is exactly true, but somewhere in objects.js

Correct. Thanks a lot

Another question: same question for the color of the text of the blocks

I'm guessing this time but try
objects.js line 190

Thanks, but no. Still white

morphic.js line 1316

but if it is that then I imagine that will change a lot of white areas

Yes, that is what I thought would happen if I modified WHITE. Now all text is black. I need only the block text to be black

I'm off to bed but carry on searching throught the files for WHITE and see if anything looks a good candidate

I found it: blocks.js 1927

Thanks for your support

Weird (at least to me). This is not for all blocks. E.g., point to direction now has black text (the color I would want) but point towards is still while.

Ok, completed. The next line to change was 5348.

To the Curious Ones

Incidentally, my yesterday post, that was aiming to give dyslexic people a better combination of colors for blocks, has been met today by Scratch Lab's developers