Hangman Game

I tried to make Hangman... somehow did? Tell alone...
Here is a link

Very nice! I love it!

Very thanks!

Nice job.

I have a few suggestions:

First, maybe this is just my browser, but when a correct guess is made, the letter(s) that you draw over the dashes are too far to the right. The beginning of the letter is over the midpoint of the dash, and the end of the letter sticks out into the next dash.

Second, the widget that ASK AND WAIT shows (the white question and answer box) covers the dashes and correct letters. There's plenty of vertical space on the stage; move the dashes and letters higher.

Next, it's a pain having to click the colored circles each time in order to get the prompt to enter a guess. That shouldn't be necessary; as soon as you've processed one letter, ask for another, unless the game is over. (And your UI isn't "discoverable": it took me a long time to figure out that I was supposed to click that unlabelled button.)

Speaking of the game being over, you don't exactly tell the user they've won or lost. Changing the background color is nice, but you should also WRITE [YOU WIN!] or WRITE [SORRY, YOU LOSE.]. And if they've lost, WAIT 1 SECS before changing anything on the screen, so the user can see the complete picture of the person.

Finally, if you want, there are lists of words at https://bjc.edc.org/data/1Kwords.txt and similarly 10words, 100words, 10Kwords, and 100Kwords. These are someone's claimed most frequently used English words. I recommend 1K, though, because with 100 the player will eventually learn them all, and with 10K or 100K too many of them aren't what the player will accept as actual English words! So you can pick a random word from the list instead of having (another?) player type one in.

Okay, thanks!
I'll add these suggestions ;D



Hi Jason. Nice project, but please don't hijack other projects' threads!

They're a new user. They can't create a new topic.

Right, but they're posting a homework assignment and there already is a topic for each week of the course.

Oh, I didn't know the project was homework.