Groups for people who are collaborating on games

I'm only asking for this forum request because it'd be easier to talk with my Team gamer,not for chatting purposes(other than for discussing features in the game and other project related chatter)but for more accessibility to my partners making this game with me

Currently in team gamer

My Gf, @funtime_foxy101
My besties, @yeet_king and i think @ultrafuntime-kumi
My partners, @theomt @spaceelephant @18001767679 @super_artist @equilibrium and more i can't name

i did not expect 9 people to vote

I don't want this feature for just chatting,as it will help me communicate more with the group than a topic which can get deleted for too much off topic chat that you never participated in for fear of getting banned

You learn something every day. :~)

I definitely see why you want this. On the other hand, it'd be a nightmare for moderators. Let me discuss it with the team.

Its not for just Foxi and me if thats what your thinking

Congrats! This has 7 votes! Way more higher than any of the feature requests I made for the Costume editor!

No, that was just a side comment. I was serious, I can see why groups for collabs (game or otherwise) would be helpful. But they'd require close moderation; even topics that start out very technical and narrow end up being conversations about why everyone should or shouldn't hate so-and-so.

Thanks for considering

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