Green Screen Test

I tried to code a Green Screen Test. Well, in my opinion it's bad, but I've been typing away in the Forums for most of the time and testing projects rather than coding them myself so I'm going through that phase of re-learning something.

There are more directions in the Project Notes.


Well it’s pretty cool and I would love to see it implemented as a app like thing but in Snap! and a full thing.

Too slow..
but nice idea.

Yeah, I wanted a good resolution.

Like I said, the Green Screen Test is kind of broken. It works better on Scratch, which is where I originally created it.

I know I said I hated Scratch but it's more of the community. Don't get me wrong, I like its "coding" system, just not the community.

Not real-time. Yes, it's not real time. So it doesn't update every frame. You have to be still and let it render all the way.

Yeah, I think that clears everything.

Try using [scratchblocks]([pixels v] of costume [ v]::looks)[/scratchblocks].

Thank you!