<green flag is being clicked any way?> block

I want to make this (see title) block. I am not asking you to respond
impossible whirl script pic.
the 1st problem with that script : I want to make a custom block.
2nd: this has more text: "any way". it should report true when somebody shift clicks, or normal clicks.
requirements: no js. (library blocks are still fine since the devs will soon allow js in the library blocks)
I also think this could be added as a primitive as you can recreate many/all of the hat blocks in a predicate form but not this one.

You can't do that without JS, unless you put in a script like this.

Also, for the dropdown, "any way" would be the predicate by itself and "normally" would be
[scratchblocks]<the predicate::sensing>and<not<key[shift v]pressed?>>[/scratchblocks]

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why do you want to recreate the [scratchblocks]when@greenFlag clicked[/scratchblocks] block though?

you mean something like this?

[scratchblocks] when @greenFlag [ v] :: hat events //inputs: clicked | pressed [/scratchblocks]

for a project:

yes but its a predicate, <green flag is being clicked any way?>

ok. does anybody know the js code anyway?

isStarted script pic (2)

isStarted script pic (1)

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