Green extract of pictures

Hello Guys,
i need help to make a green extract of a uploaded picture and i do not know how to make one with snap!.

Thanks for help :smiley:

Do you want to remove all the green from an image? If so, then you might want to start with the pixels of costume block.

no, i need to remove the blue and the red value from the rgb values except green from the picture

so you just want to remove all blue and red, and be left with just green? if so, that's actually super easy to do.

untitled script pic (48)

This just multiplies each RED and BLUE values of each pixel by 0 (removing them), and leaving the GREEN and ALPHA values intact.

To convert this into a costume, just stick it into this block, and specify the width and height.

untitled script pic (49)

So like a green screen application on Snap?

This idea is like a stepping stone for a green screen application.

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