Graph maker

2D Graph creator.

Graph pie charts, moving graphs, and still graphs.
Easy to use.

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Wow! Amazing.

I'm surprised your collection of graphers doesn't include a plain old graph-this-function one with a function as input. :~)

:slight_smile: I thought I would try some different stuff.

I should make a new Bugs and Glitches post because (and I've seen it in my Pinky Promises project in the predicate) the Graph Data and Still graph blocks show a glitch in the way Snap! saves new line characters in input option menus (but I've also seen it in the JavaScript function reporter). All of the options are on one line, but if I edit it, they move to different lines like they should.

What did he say

Nothing relevant.

Yeah, you sure are. Working on it...

I am shocked that there isn't a simple open graph generator -this-function grapher among your library that accepts a component as argument.

Shocked you say?

Sounds like a volunteer to me!

Wow this thread brings back memories :~)
Hope everyone's doing well!

yeah!oh gosh 3 years ago!

Wow I almost forgot I had an account here and I got logged out
Anyways, this looks really nice, but a nice feature to add would be too add coordinate systems and methods and things like that.


Very interesting project!

Just a little point: pretty sure you don't need js...
The set pen color to r g b block already exist:
Maybe the label block (js inside) can be replaced by the write block ?

If you want to push a little further:
note: we should be able to relabel item 1,2,3 ex: apple, banana, peach

Yeah pretty sure that RGBA block option didn't exist when I made this project hehe.
Since this project is getting a lot of attention maybe I'll come back with my new+improved programming knowledge and add a few features :~)

I love your icon!

:yum: thank you