Grammar project

My simple grammar project. Try sentences like "I found a cat" or "You ate some oranges".

Link to project.


  1. Does not currently work with punctuation. We'll try to improve sentences that use punctuation.

  2. This project is still very experimental and is WIP. We'll improve the project as soon as possible.

  3. The dictionary is still very limited. You can add your own words to the dictionary with the "pronouns", "noun", "v", and "adj" variables.

To-do list:

Add more words.

Add adverbs and more types of words.

Add more blocks.

Increase grammar-checking accuracy.

Punctuation support.

The contractions in your pronoun list ("I'm" etc.) combine a pronoun with a verb, and so they're grammatically very different from the plain pronouns ("I" etc.). You can't really build a sensible grammar based on pronoun-verb groupings, because they cross the barrier between subject and predicate, which is the most fundamental separation of a sentence into phrases. I think you'd do better to preprocess sentences by expanding the contractions ("I am" etc.) before, for example, building up multi-word verbs ("I'm sleeping" ➞ "I am sleeping" ➞ "I [am sleeping]").