Got a new project idea, AB testing/ranking thumbnails

I got a really good idea, but since Snap! doesn't support cloud variables, idk if I should do it. BUT here's a concept idea:

I'll be downloading 17 pages of Snap! Project Search to extract it's images. It would be sorted into colored groups. You could compare two thumbnails together, and when a thumbnail is clicked, it's color group would get +1 rating, while the other gets a -1. This could really help people select thumbnail colors based on personal preference.

I don't really know if this is legal as for copyright stuff. I'm still not sure if I want to do this.
Also, this is my attempt on learning algorithms. This could really improve my skill-set.

P.S. the "Thumbnails" I'm referring to is the image screenshot you see before you want to click on the project. This is for those who don't know the concept of "thumbnails".

How do you assign a color group to a non-monochrome thumbnail?

Also, to a first approximation, all thumbnails are mostly white, because they're the stage with some other stuff. So you probably want not to have white as one of the categories.

You don't have to worry about copyright. For one thing, all projects published on are Creative Commons licensed; for another, you're not publishing other people's project art, just reading it. And thirdly, copyright case law (in the US at least) lets you republish thumbnails as long as you link to the artist's original full-size version.

Manually, ofcource.

I'm not a color wizard, I have no experience with color theory (apart from web design coloring skills).

I'm still not sure about this idea. That's why I'm replying late (btw sorry for that).

Plan on a year down a Wikipedia rabbit hole if you decide to learn. :~) That's how long it took for me to get to where I had some vague idea what I was talking about! I'm stil pretty weak on it.