Go forward block

we only have a go backwards () layers block and we need a go forward () layers block or an option in one block bc if i try to go back a negative number its super laggy

What do you mean by (go backwards () steps) and (go forward () steps) block?
You probably meant layers.

I don't see how it would lag, as it's a simple math formula that it uses.

I'm confused. Are you talking about the untitled script pic (2) block? It moves forward, not backward, with positive input. But of course you can
untitled script pic (3)

yes, sprite layers

no i meant go backwards () LAYERS. it was a spelling mistake.

It need JS but watch this project

1-Run the init block once (i run it in the stage)
2-Assign a layer to a sprite or a clone (as you will see in the project, a layer can be a decimal number ex: 2.5 if you need it)

Multiple sprites/clones can share a same layer

Thk to davidgasku for v1.0
Thk to dardoro for v1.1

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