'Glimmering' effect

I'd like to have a noise 'glimmering' effect that I have seen on 'Radio Student' website. Here's my screen recording of it (in the video below).

My observations; I added them after Jens replied below.
a) what is changing it's not the hue (i.e. color 'shade') component, but the darkness/lightness (i.e. 'value') component of each tiny group of pixels;
b) what is changing are groups of pixels (i.e. not random single pixels);
c) each of those groups stays at its location.

not sure if I heard the "noise" in mention, but you can mix several tracks simply by averaging their samples...

[edit:] and you can add "noise" simply by slipping in a random sample every now and then

Sorry, I have not been clear in my explanation, I was not talking about actual (sound) noise, but visual 'noise'.

Ah, now I understand, the "glimmering" effect? Well, let's open up this question to all :slight_smile:

[quote="jens, post:4, topic:3370"] the "glimmering" effect [/quote] Thanks, I will replace the word 'noise' with 'glimmering' (I didn't know how to call the effect I have seen ...).

One idea is to use the 'paste on' block.

Using lots of clones (of a little circle), with the (original) big image being PASTed ON them and then applying the block that changes the value (i.e. darkness/lightness) of each clone's costume (in a loop with a different timing for each clone)?