Glide Clock

A clock that shows time in milliseconds. Hold down and drag to adjust speed and size. While holding, moving the mouse left and right will adjust the speed, while moving the mouse up and down will adjust the size. The color of the number represents how hard one number is "pulling" on the other.
Much inspired by @cornelios207's project "Slide Clock".


I had trouble figuring out what "speed" means in this context; at first I thought it meant that the clock could run slow or run fast, i.e., get the length of a millisecond wrong. It didn't help that changing the speed really has no visible effect if the size is big.

Just clicking on the stage changes size and speed, which I didn't expect, so it was hard for me to change only one dimension. I was expecting each dimension to take note of the change in mouse position, so clicking at any horizontal position and dragging vertically would change the size without changing the speed, and vice versa. If you don't want to change the code, it'd be fine to change the documentation to eliminate things like "hold down and drag."

Or just ignore me, of course; it's your project. :~)

I was going to do that eventually :slight_smile:
I was too tired last night to continue

cool. ;~D