Give the virus a 'toy' and it will leave your ACE2 receptors alone (sort of)

Scientists have discovered a 'toy' — ok, it's a molecule called evACE2, which could be used in a nasal spray.

The virus (via its spike protein) will grab the toy (i.e. evACE2) instead of the ACE2 receptor on the surface of the cell, and once having grabbed the toy, the virus then either floats harmlessly around or is being cleared by a macrophage immune cell. It either case, the virus can no longer cause infection!

Wow, just wow, science is awesome!

Link Nano-sized vesicles with ACE2 receptor could prevent, treat infection from current and future strains of SARS-CoV-2

The scientists have formed a startup company, Exomira, to take the patent, and mass produce the 'toy' (evACE2).


Hope up will better time :smiley:


When I read the title of this thread, and before I read the actual text, I thought you were reinventing the cookie bear. :~)


This time the word "virus" has not been related to CS, despite the name of the subcategory suggesting otherwise.

"Give me your ACE2 receptors", an 'ACE2 monster' said.

"Have an evACE2, instead", a scientist replied.