GIF as profile picture


Here are both of my versions!
download download

!!! Holy cow!

I first used this name on Xbox when I was a little kid, so I just picked a name randomly, and the profile picture I chose was a heart. :P

I drew the different pieces of my animation in the Scratch svg editor, and then animated it manually

My pfp is an animated SVG that just doesn't :/

Really? I want to see the original image and how it was supposed to be animated. :open_mouth:

ill try to find it

I converted a bunch of frames of the globe animation into svgs, heres one:
In theory if you converted each frame of the animation into a seperate svg, you could put them all together into one file and create an animation to show them in sequence. Though this would be a lot of work, produce a very large file, and might not even work in the forums.

That’s weird, I just realized on my phone (iOS safari) your pfp shows colour despite dark mode being on.

i had to change my themes like 10 times just to get the black and white version of your pfp and nothing worked

It checks for if dark mode is turned on in the OS settings (or if the browser itself is set to dark mode). Changing the forum theme likely won't change anything (even if it says it's dark mode, the css media query might not see it).

I am on system dark mode. I guess it’s just being weird. ¯\_ツ_/¯

System dark mode and Safari dark mode?

I guess Safari might not support the prefers-color-scheme style.

CSS, eh? Interesting.

the browser console

Most of that is code for the paths and shapes in the image.
The css (and the animation) is mostly inside the <style> tags.

Sure they do?

Try going to this website in an Apple device and change the light/dark mode switch. Need to say that make sure the website preference is set to Auto.

Safari has separate dark mode?

Probably? I don't know because I don't have any Apple products myself.