Ghost Shooter (Fun 2 Player Game)

I've been making stuff offline using the snap source code for a while, i prefer it because its basically an older version of scratch that i'snt as laggy and doesn't stutter and freeze all the time.

I made a 2 player game called ghost shooter

its pretty neat.
One person is a ghost that can go invisible and go through walls, and the other is a person that can throw bear traps and pick up weapons as powerups.

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

We like to think that Snap! is more than an old Scratch, though. :~)

Upon running Snap! for the first time it appears to look like an older Scratch, provided you aren't using the flat design.

Oh, yes, it's definitely inspired by Scratch and shares many of the same features. But we have first class functions, first class lists, first class sprites with true inheritance... There's a lot for you to discover.

if you try to do 'point in direction ( direction of sprite )' it wont work

What do you expect it to do?

It totally works. It points in the direction it's already pointing to, which is what you're asking it to do :wink:

no it doesn't, im asking it to match the direction of another sprite.



When flag clicked
Forever (point in direction (direction of sprite2) )

This doesn't work.

When flag clicked 
Forever (point in direction (direction of sprite2) )

This code keeps the sprite pointing into the same direction as sprite2. "direction of sprite2" gives the orientation of sprite2, not its position.

If you want the sprite to point at sprite2 you can use "point towards sprite2".

im not trying to point towards sprite2, im trying to make it copy the direction of sprite2, which doesn't work.

Sure it works, here's an example:

every time i try to do it it does nothing

What do you mean? Have you tried my example project? It clearly does what you want.


Make sure you're not using the direction to sprite reporter.

idk probably

cam you shoot the sprite