Ghost effect block won't work

Please fill out these questions for all feature requests and bug reports. If you're requesting a feature, please let us know why this feature is important or useful, not just what it should do.

  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome and maybe Safari
  2. Please share an example project (if possible). I don't know how to share a project.
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue. Just use the ghost effect block
  4. What does Snap! currently do? The block does nothing.
  5. What should Snap! do instead? Change the transparency of the sprite

click on file > open > click on the project you want shared > share. Or go to the project on and click share.

Something similar happened to me on Chrome. You should clear your browser cache or try with another browser (recommended). But please be aware that this is not a Snap! bug though.

I cannot reproduce this. Works in all my browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Thank you!

I think it might be a problem with my other computer. I tried on my Mac and it works fine.

yo welcome