Getter/setter from [] block

i'm trying to make a [getter or setter] from [] block, but I am not sure how. can someone help me?

What are you trying to get/set?

i mean, what I want:

If it takes a reporter as input, choosing 'getter' would just report the input, wouldn't it?

I guess so

One problem is that there can be more than one setter for a given getter, especially for the motion ones. TURN and POINT TOWARDS for direction, and I'm not even going to try listing all the position ones. You can still pick an "official" setter, so it's not disastrous for your project, but your function won't be invertable. (That is, setter from (getter from X) may not be X.)

For a primitive, you can use JOIN to get a text representation.

oh, right. then maybe it reports a list of getters/setters

I was able to make a prototype using dictionaries:

wow, so cool!!! here is the project I used it in and updated it in: this one

Pen is in there twice, and some of them aren't getters or setters (e.g. if-then-else)

no, the other color and crayons library pen block is one of them

I know.

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