Get some practice in before Advent of Code 2021 starts

This years Advent of Code coding challenge is due to start in a few weeks

I think its a a good way of testing out your general ability t o solve a problem with a program

If you haven't seen it before, maybe you fancy trying out some past years challenges just to get an idea of what's involved.

Different people approach it in different ways

Some people want to be the 1st one to solve it (Very tricky to achieve as some top people compete heavily for this by looking to solve them in minutes!)

Some people want to see how fast they can make their program produce an answer

But most (me included) just try to see if they can actually write a program that gets the answer before the heat death of the universe :slight_smile:

Here is the link if you fancy giving it go

IMPORTANT - if you solve a problem DON'T publish your answer without hiding it behind


one of these hidden sections :slight_smile:

I transform this post to a wiki, so you can modify it to add your solution !

Try this: 2015-Day 1

Loucheman's solution


I try 3 differents methods

(Forget the duration block, it is there only to calculate the execution time ...)

My solution #1 - Winner

My solution #2

My solution #3


My solution #1


I want to see your solution !

I transform this post to a wiki, so you can modify it to add your solution !

Try this: 2015-Day 2

Loucheman's solution





I want to see your solution !

Just seen on twitter - it starts in 41 hours :slight_smile:

or, 2 days (might be 1 by the time you read this)

Well, $$41-14=40-14+1=20-14+21=6+21=27$$ hours now. In other words, one day and 2-4 hours.

Time is very relative when posting in forums across several timezones

Its currently 07:45 local time (which luckily for us in UK is UTC during winter months) and I think it is 21 hours until Midnight EST in US or 05:00 UTC for rest of world

And looking at time of warped_wart_wars post - I think my maths agrees with their's as I've posted 6 hours later and they said 27 hours

JFI - I'm planning on creating a new thread for each day

I think if we just have one thread - it will get very long and complicated for future users to navigate as I'm sure there will be lots of chat in them (at least for the 1st few days)

It is VERY important NOT to write any public spoilers :slight_smile:
ALWAYS keep spoiler stuff hidden inside one of these


This text will be hidden

which you can obtain by clicking on the gear icon


Any be KIND with any comments.

We all know how clever we all are and how others don't seem to be as clever as us :slight_smile:
But lets just keep that information to ourselves and be encouraging and supportive :slight_smile:

Hopefully, we will all have some fun and be challenged and find new ways of coding up solutions.

I know that Brian and Jens would be pleased to see people coding up solutions using HOFs

But whatever way you do them - have fun :slight_smile:

Based on previous years - I'll probably make it to Day 7 before falling behind when they sling in one that needs recursion!!! :frowning:

I hope there will be several participants and several different solutions.

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