Get feature request out of advanced topics

I don't think feture requests should be a part of advanced topics

I suggest to make a new cateory called feature requests with subcategories feature requests -- snap etc..

This has been discussed before. Please do not bring up old topics.

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Where? I did not notice that.

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Here you go:

I could swear it was separate and one of you lot convinced me to move it. Anyone remember a reason?

I remember something different actually. I remember you saying feature requests are advanced topics and moving them into Advanced Topics.

This post is not meant to be offensive, @bh, by the way.

If you are talking about supporters of your decision, @kinestheticlearning was one of them.

Interesting. I believe you but I no longer remember why I would have said that -- maybe so newbies wouldn't make stupid suggestions? But everyone seems to read AT anyway (unlike at Scratch) so I'd be happy to move it out. Maybe y'all should vote about this.

I just did.

Do not understand what you mean by newbies making stupid suggestions but I think people are more likely to post in the right category if you split subcategories collectively into new categories and subcategories.

I don't understand what you're suggesting. Could you give an example? Thanks.

Sure. Jguille2 suggested making Mods and Extensions a category which would have Snap4Arduino as a subcategory, I suggest moving Feature Requests and other subcategories under Advanced Topics of the like to a new category etc.

Anyway, apologies for wasting your time. I should had included these at the first place.

You don't have to apologize so much... I waste plenty of time without your help. :~)

So, you want to move the AT subcategories out of AT into... I'm not sure. You're not suggesting making Feature Requests a toplevel topic, or are you?

If by toplevel topic you mean a separate one, then yes, that is what I am suggesting.

I think it would make sense for feature requests to actually contain feature requests — Snap and feature requests — website and feature requests — forums instead of them being all at the same level. You could make it be advanced topics / feature requests / snap with another layer of subcategories.

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Yeah that's what I thought.

Also, do you recieve a notification when I like your post?

Yes. I also got a notification for repies.