GEO/TOWER: A Tower Defense game! Check it out!

The link at the bottom is to my project, created for my CS Gaming final. I've always wanted to make a tower defense game since Bloons TD 3, and this was my chance. I put a lot of effort into it, and would appreciate suggestions for improvements and optimizations, or even just balancing. I'm really proud of it and want to know what you think!

There are currently 10 levels and 4 towers.

Also, it's a large project, so it won't run well on older computers (if you can find a way to make it run better without hindering gameplay that would be fantastic).

Trivia: The name GEO/TOWER comes from mixing the terms "geometry" and "tower (defense)". Since the enemies are all just shapes.
Yes, my real name is Zach V. SpikePillow is my generic gamertag that I brought over to Snap!.

I made easy-to-use path building blocks in the script, so if you want to make a spin off with your own track you can. Just credit me!

Keep in mind that this is a game made by one relatively novice person in less than a week, so there may be issues.

I think that's all. Have fun with it!

Welcome to the Snap Forums! This project is super cool and well done!

According to your description and @bhenrique's review, it sounds nice! I cant wait to play this tomorrow and inevitably mod the hell out of it

This project is pretty large

Then how the [REDACTED] is this project less than 10MB?! I've been designing a game on Scratch and converting it with Snapinator only to DISCOVER THAT IT IS MORE THAN 10MB! FUUUUUUUuuuu

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