Generative Art with Snap!

BOF Proposal

Each post in the BOFs category is a proposal for a BOF at Snap!Con 2020. "Birds of a Feather" a loosely organized short sessions around a topic of shared interest to a group. We'll roughly select BOFs with the highest number of votes. Votes indicate your interest in attending a BOF.

What is the title for your BOF?

Generative Art with Snap!

Who are the speakers presenting?

Matthias Giger and hopefully others

Abstract: What is this BOF about?

Generative Art is a great way to teach some basic concepts of computer science without students losing interest because it is all about calculations. During a project week, students learn to use Snap! to come up with their own generative art pieces ranging from examples well known from BJC and others to their own creations. Emphasis is on teaching basics and then letting the students get creative. Hopefully, others will join the session and contribute their own ideas.

Should attendees bring anything or prepare?

In case you have some examples of your own, please contribute.