General Files Menu

I always found it weird that to access the files to, say, share or publish a project, you need to go to either the Open or Save menu. Why not just have a general Files menu?
It would be an end-all menu for all file management features, like so:

Well how did you do this?

Extremely intense image editing o_o

Ah, got it.

Yes. We know this is an ugly user interface. I think your Files dialog is a good one, although I'd call it "Properties..." rather than "Files..." because "Files" is the (invisible but used in documentation) name of the whole menu.

Mostly, my colleagues want you to {,un}{share,publish} projects in the community site, and want to remove those features from Snap! itself altogether. I am fighting an intense battle to prevent that (I think the community site is great for building community, but I can't imagine using it to manage my own projects -- too many clicks, too long to process them -- so I do that in Snap! itself), and maybe your dialog design will inspire them to come around. :~)

same. I don't want to have to find the project in my projects list on the community site, and wait a while just to share a project that is already open. I like how scratch has a share button in the editor.

I want the snap! team to implement this.

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