the speed of the gears is real: if you set the rpm to 500 rotations per minutes, the 1st gear turn at this speed...

it's just an experiment !

I like it!

thank you !

I'm confused; if the gears are the same size, shouldn't they have the same speed?

In the center, there is a small gear 10x smaller than the larger one. The 2nd larger gear is in contact with the 1st small gear. Etc...


this setup:
as same result as:

Ah, I see, thanks! It wasn't obvious to me that that's a small gear in the center. It'd be great if they had visible teeth!

yeah but no ! haha
(friction wheels in this case !
(too lazy to draw 100 teeth on the big and 10 on the small to respect the ratio.)

You don't have to draw each one by hand, you know! These days we have computers. :~)

No problem, remix my project...

Why not just draw 1 tooth and duplicate/resize it?

Ah, no fair calling my bluff!

try it if you want, i don't have time for this now...