Garden hose

My new project

Garden hose

Garden hose v1.1

Garden hose v1.2

Excellent work :slight_smile:

The water flow is very realistic :slight_smile:

Nicely done. The fact that you felt the need to put four MAKE A CLONE blocks in that forever loop is an interesting lesson in the Snap! thread scheduler; in principle you'd think it wouldn't matter.

I think the physics is not quite right. The vertical component of the velocity should change over time, because of gravity, but the horizontal component shouldn't, and you seem to be changing the scalar speed independent of direction.

Yeah, i improvised: My physics lessons are very far away...

If you ever feel like a gardener: V1.1

Haha that's awesome!


nice! you can grow flowers in 1.1

Watch the sun in 1.2

cool, the sun spins

Some of the flowers won't grow no matter how much I water them. I wonder if the drops of water are moving fast enough that the TOUCHING block in the flower code never reports true?

There is perspective correction based on Y. Smallest flower have only 10% size.

Water is draggable.

Water the sun ! (v1.2)

the sky turns dark

longer !

C'est vraiment sympa!