Gamez cus yeh

just share ur game i guess

im new to this

i am making a game i will put the game on here later also if you want to chat i do not care

The game is done! heres my link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i CHALLENGE anyone and everyone to get 5 MILLION clicks and 10K auto and i need proof idc how figure it out

i do not remember making this game lmao Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

what do the yellow buttons do ?

Well there's this thing. Maybe I'll keep working on it so I can give it the mechanics of an actual RPG.

and i made this I made picross!

For sharing games, everyone should create their own topic. This keeps discussions less cluttered/all-over-the-place. If you want games to play, search in :snap: for games. Hope this helps!