Game Lab - Designing a Physical Computer-Controlled Game

This is a design challenge for students in the Make to Learn class. Anyone on the forum is also welcome to participate in the challenge!

Here’s a one-minute video segment from a presentation of a golf game by CodeJoy at Snap!Con 2022:

Using this as a starting point and inspiration, design a physical game coded and controlled by Snap! The game could involve knocking down pins or targets (like bowling), creation of a mini-billiard table, navigation through an obstacle course (like croquet), pachinko, or any other game in which a launch mechanism controlled by the computer is used to propel a ball.

Post your design concept in this thread.

P.S. For those who are interested, here’s a link to the full one-hour Snap!Con presentation:

Ski Ball Design Plan and Sketch Designs:

We plan on having a board and a ramp that allows the ball to roll up and into one of the holes for points. We plan on using cardboard or possibly wood. As well as a ping pong as the ball. We intend to use some type of gear and spring mechanism to push the ball up the ramp. The ball will then funnel down from inside the ramp.

Group members: Jack Carlton, Celine Zhou, Adam Khan
We're planning to recreate this video game level pictured below:

In it, players jump through hoops worth different points while being knocked by obstacles between the hoops. In our game, the players will be replaced with velcro balls, and the spinning disks will be made of felt with different regions worth different points.
Ball launcher ideas:

So overall, we intend to create a game that launches velcro balls to attach to a rotating target in a competition for points.