Game Jam

Summer 2021 Game Jam hosted by earthrulerr.
Want to show of your coding skills? Well you should join this game jam! Read the rules below and if you want to join reply "Joining."

The project must not already be existing it must be completely new. It must be at least 90% by you as in you could use some custom blocks from other projects or something but you must give them credit. It must be a game not a math or pen thing (Physics engines count as games and I find them really cool.) You must submit them before the time below.

Games must be submitted by July 8th 2021! Good luck!

It's currently June 30th, do you mean July?
Also joining

Oops yes I mean July!

@18001767679 >:(

Question: Are we allowed to use library blocks?

Sure. Those will count onto your 10% not you though.

I think library blocks shouldn't count against your "10% not you" because they were made to help people.

If it does count against it, then if I need a block from a library, how would I use it to not make it count against it.

I think you should just not allow people using an already existing engine to make their game instead of blocks. People make custom blocks to help others code, so I think just the core game must be original.

ok, if it's a very basic 3d engine, then I think that should be allowed.

Ok then I guess so, library blocks don’t count against your 10% not by you. @helicoptur

5 more days left!

Submit, sorry for being late!
It's not finished yet, but here