Game ideas please!

I want some ideas for a game to make. nothing huge please.


  • 3D Car Racing Game
  • better totm game.
  • mastermind tm

I made a trivia game already.

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done that too

oh, well jeez!
thats a big thing!

No, Just use this: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

ok. ill keep that in mind.

Make maybe something better :slightly_smiling_face:

why? did you look at what I did? is that why you were gone?

Mastermind™. It's pretty easy to write the kind in which the computer picks the secret colors and the user guesses. The hard part is to have the user pick the colors and the computer guesses.

thanks everybody!

OOH. I love that game! I made it on Scratch with a pen. It's a bit modified but the basic game idea is the same! Link: I remember there was this one bug where it wouldn't count the user's score properly after each round. image
Something like that would happen where it says green is in the correct position, but then says it isn't. (in my game, the right, wrong, and wrong positions are in order of colour, unlike the actual game.)
I'm going to remake this in Snap!

A game like Breakout, maybe, where you use a paddle to bounce a ball against bricks.

... some people might know it from Atari?
....... if you're from the 80s maybe?
......... wait I actually don't know when Atari Breakout was released

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who is that made by?

I made the game.

oh, thanks!