Game Ideas For Others

I don’t have the time and definitely not the skill to make these games, but there are a lot of ideas I would like to see created. I want to see who can do make these games. These ideas are free for anyone.

Online Chess- This would be such a cool project. This would be playing chess with an actual opponent.

Football Gm Simulator- I just want to see if someone could make this.

Solar System Map- You could have a huge map for the solar system and be able to zoom in where you want. It would be crazy if this project had the real time orbiting positions of planets, moons, asteroids, and other orbiting bodies! Maybe if you tap on a certain planet or moon, some small data about it could be given.

A Crazy RPG game- If you need a storyline, remember I’m also a primitive storyteller.

Just some ideas. Enjoy!

ima do online chess

The solar system one is absurdly complicated, even modern games made by hundreds of people have issues with that kind of thing. Everyone (Who plays Single Player Role Playing Games, Is waiting to see how Starfield turns out, because that's a feature it has, and the long winded development of Star Citizen has been PLAGUED with problems trying to do that as well.

As powerful as snap is, that might be the one that you need to try elsewhere. Though if someone does succeed, go get a job at Bethesda/Cloud Imperium Games lol.

Sorry about that. It doesn't have to be 3D or anything like that.

I'm sure it's still extremely complicated.

Yeah, A 2D version would be a lot easier, I should clarify I wasn't trying to be dismissive, just reign in expectations. It would be cool for someone to try anyway.

sounds like a guy on scratch(another coding website) has done that, maybe if you run into any problems you could learn a little from him. his username is TimMcCool

I just had a cool storyline for the RPG game. You know Einstein says that the faster you go the slower time is? And when you pass the speed of light you’re suppose to go back in time( theoretically). Well Black Holes are so powerful it sucks light in. Would that mean being in a Black Hole makes you faster than light? Are black holes portals through time, if you managed to survive of course? Well our protagonist is sucked into a black hole, survives, and goes back in time. It would make a cool Science Fiction story anyway.

oooooooo it would!