Fun with "set translation dictionary"

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With this, I can make the Gen-Z English language dictionary without having to modify a local Snap! version. :laughing:

Sadly, it only lasts one session, so I would have to save most changes so as to not lose any data while experimenting.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 15.23.06

It's an old meme, but, uh I couldn't think of anything.

I didn't want to set every string to "skibidi".


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No JavaScript needed. Just import and have fun.

how do you renamw the blocks?

move _ steps

i got rid of the inputs on MAP!

This was very fun!

I replaced "x" with "ciung" because why not. "ciung" may refer to Γ—, but that's unofficial.

you forgot the change x by block.

π’ͺ𝒽 π“Žβ„―π’Άπ’½, I said "changed x" instead of "change x", but that doesn't matter :slight_smile:

Ciung my beloved <3

Me too...

Oh yeah, if you do not specify enough underscores in the translation string to specify inputs, Snap! will softlock until you reload the page:


or until you try to re-add the underscores in the block on the back.

no you just have to clear the definiton