Fun with ai

Hold on where list errors fixed?????

Now if I click any of the blocks that have a list input and don’t put anything in said list input it doesn’t give the “err evaluating list “is.linked”” or something like that, there’s just no errors anymore if you put nothing in a list

Because all list blocks are built off primitives (unless it has to do with json) this retroactively fixes any errors in custom blocks with list inputs

I know this is kind of unrelated to this topic

true but it is still interesting

what do you think about my idea

Could have it display both like
“It can be [x]” “but it can also be [y]” “as well as [z]” “and [a]” “also [b]”
And would repeat the last 3 until it’s done

I also finally got some footage of what it looks like when snap gets “unstable” on an i pad

what do you mean

I only suggested using Cloud Variables (that of which I didn't make)
But...I can link some Cloud Variables you can use here if you want.

yes please

Can someone summarize what just happened in the last 75 posts?

I think I might write my own chatbot now

Can't wait to see it! You've made plenty of Chatbots before, but let's see if there's a learning curve in the new upcoming AI.

all of them broke in the next snap update after being posted somehow

I don't think they worked well to begin with, but I ain't some expert or anything so...

all of these data sets have JSON problems :melting_face:

Please do!!

I added a rewrite of my old “new database block” library
It has lists and (auto decoding, no manual width height) costumes now! (As well as text and numbers ofc) all of which are auto detecting and don’t require a separate block for storing and reading (nor do they include said blocks like it used to)

Costume char is just a random Unicode character used to detect if it’s a actually a costume instead of just a list that starts with “costume” the Unicode character is 䝡 something that won’t be used very frequently apart from Japanese speakers, I don’t know what it actually means and using google translate produces a rather humorous result

(Sorry for the tangent)

Added a button to export your custom responses as well as import them from others (doesn’t overwrite the data set just adds the extra data)
I ended up rewriting the entirety of nick as well as coming up with an abbreviation (natural interpretation of curated keys)

I implemented costumes and emotional responses and finally added a backround graphic

About 䝡

You may be interested in its Wiktionary page.

you never mentioned 䝡 before

Oh gosh! Please try to find what exactly broke. We do sometimes have incompatible updates, but we try to avoid it.

Yeah. I think it's important to catch an empty list as input to something like ITEM or ALL BUT FIRST that requires a nonempty list, because that happens when the user has forgotten to put a base case check in a recursive function, so the error message will help debug the problem. But that's different from no list at all, which comes up in some situation Jens told me about but I then forgot (getting old) where it's important not to error.

Oh, vectors! I get it. I never try to edit vector costumes.

But leaving the difficulty aside, I think your comparison to the border of the costume is bogus. People's bodies don't really have visible borders like that; we only do it in costumes to make sure the costume is visible against any color background, just like the white borders they put around black cursor shapes such as the arrowhead or the I-beam so that people like me who like dark backgrounds can see them:
Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 12.05.01 AM

I always use vectors, it significantly lowers the file size and just generally looks better