Fun Bat Maze

I made a cute little bat maze, It's only Two Levels but it's something. Let me know if you have any ideas or Features you want me to add to it!

The Game: Click Me!

Or you could play it here too!

I like it, especially I like how you named the variable "moveamount" because I never knew how to name it since "steps" is already taken and in many projects I just settled for "speed", however, it is not correct since it does influence the speed (but it is not the speed itself).

I believe I'm not the only one with the variable "naming" dilemma so I think it would be useful for beginners to have in a new project this variable by default (since most projects deal with motion one way or the other.)

I am curious what others Snap! users think about it.

I can understand your dilemma and I'm sure you're not the only one, as I usually struggle myself. Thank you for your feedback!