Fully MQTT Based Cloud System

Codegang (+ specialred) MQTT Cloud Library

This topic is about the MQTT cloud library currently in development made by specialred and codegang.

  • This project was inspired by codegang's cloud-database-utilities. (Original topic)
  • Click here to find the Smerge project.
  • Included users:
  • Credits:
    codegang - Original Library
    specialred - Helper/Project Starter
  • Posts should be a discussion about our project, tips & constructive criticism are welcome.

Good luck :slight_smile:

thanks! and i wish you good luck as well on your project

what should we do first?

well i'm working on making a brand new version of the cloud database blocks right now (more simplified, really)


also just a warning
people seem to be very toxic towards this idea
(read the posts on the topic I made that you linked)

also can you post your progress on smerge

Do you plan on doing a system where the project creator acts as a server storing info and transmitting it when read or the retain function (I still dunno how that works)

we are using the retain feature to store data
and are just trying to keep others from accessing that data that aren’t sapost to

Make a seperate topic with its name set to a hashed password, that topic will have the data key needed to validate messages, when sending a message you also have to send it with the valid data key otherwise it won’t be read by any system

Something like this?

that’s basically what we’re doing
@specialred is making the cloud system easier to use first though

You’re going to need to remake it to use the passwords anyway so why do that

we’re making it easier to add on to and to understand

But you’re going to have to rewrite the entire thing again to add hashes otherwise it’s still going to be just as insecure

side note I have no clue what hashing is

Like encryption but it's physically impossible to decrypt.

yeah that makes sense
i was actually thinking about that for a while
thanks for reminding me!

that's... exactly what i'm already doing..?

@specialred can you