Fullscreen Bug

I clicked fullscreen and got this:

  1. What browsers show this problem?
  2. Please share an example project (if possible).
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue.
    Go to a project and click fullscreen in safari.
  4. What does Snap! currently do?
    Something goes wrong
  5. What should Snap! do instead?
    It shouldn't go wrong.

This also happens on Scratch, is it some CSS something or other that safari doesn't support?

Are you in embed mode?

I cannot reproduce this on Firefox. Are you on a phone? As for the part about Scratch, see https://github.com/LLK/scratch-www/issues/4102.

It only works in safari.

You mean, it only doesn't work in Safari? Just use another browser. :~)

Every couple of months some browser releases a new version that breaks Snap!. You just have to be ready to switch browsers every so often. Sorry...

Okay, I've got chrome too.

when I open fullscreen in safari I get that and was happening in scratch but it started working after iOS 13.6 update in scratch but it still happens in snap