Full Undo

Snap's undo is fantastic, and it is something that was always missing in Scratch and BYOB. I realized just now that the undo is not available when you delete a sprite/costume/sound/custom block. Instead, recovering the last deleted sprite/costume/sound was available in Scratch and BYOB. It would be awesome if the undo feature could be completed by adding a full undo even when deleting (or modifying...) sprite/costume/sound/custom block.

the current snap undo is really just undrop, and it has many bugs. I try not to use undrop and redrop. I really want it to actually undo what you last did.

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There was a big bug in redo that was fixed in one of the minor versions, 6.1 or 6.2, I forget. Maybe you should try it again.

About full undo, yes of course, it's on the list, but it's nontrivial so maybe not right away.

yeah, I saw that the bug was fixed, before you told me here

I understand that a full undo can be quite complex, but at least restoring the last sprite/sound/costume you deleted (as you can in Scratch) would be great. In Scratch and in Snap indeed you can remove an item easily by mistake (at least, this is what I happen to do quite often)