Frequency based on dot's X_position (Animation)

Inspired by this YT video, showing the animation.

Cool! I like how every so often it looks like a bird flapping it wings.

Yeah, I liked it, too, when I saw it the first time I immediately added it to my list of 'other people's ideas to be emulated in Snap!'; and I am sooooo glad it worked.


I am thinking now, what if dots were a little resized and spread across the stage width more, so visually impaired could enjoy it better.

My short-sighted-ness is not happy with too small dots, so this is something I will definitively do.

Any other ideas?

I don't like the code in the background. It's both too small and too low-contrast to read, and it clutters up the actual motion. Instead maybe a way to switch back and forth between the code and the result? Clickable icons of a tiny script in the corner of the motion page and of tiny moving dots in the script page?

If you really want to be fancy, a picture-in-picture of the actual motion in the corner of the code window.

I'm trying to think of some good parameters for which you can have sliders, but really the one I want is the exponent of the x position to use in calculating the y position. There would have to be some kind of reduction of the coefficient for higher powers, so that the dots don't just shoot out of the stage.

You are right - it is better if the animated script picture is considerably shrunk and darkened (on my computer I can see it, but on my phone it is hardly visible, can you see it on your phone?), and the results area moved to the bottom. Thanks for the suggestion.

You always make awesome projects, @kinestheticlearning!

I feel this didn't fit any of our featured collections, so I've just added it to a new Maths collection that I'll add to the featured ones once it's populated enough.

Oh my gosh that is cool!
How do you code this stuff, I have a smool brain :(

Thank you for encouraging words, Bernat, however, many projects that I work on, refuse to turn out laudable. ; -)

Finding other people's cool ideas (that inspire you) to emulate is the most important thing IMHO, because when you fail at first few attempts (I fail a lot, and really feel stupid most of the time), you refuse to give up too easily (I give up sometimes, nevertheless).

How about: You always publish awesome projects.

I'm not @kinestheticlearning, but I'd say that in this project it's not the coding that's really amazing, but more having the idea in the first place (having the y coordinate follow some function of the x coordinate). From a coding perspective, it's just a function grapher; the cool part is making it an animation by varying the function systematically.

If that's supposed to be "small," there's nothing wrong with your brain. But of course it is small, in the sense that you're young, and still growing neurons. Not a problem. Reading other people's code is one way to grow it.