Free pixel art

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honorable mention:

the best pfp


This will be edited over time


Please don't make any more topics, just edit this one when you have more pixel art.

why cant i make anymore though?? is it against the rules??

but i suppose

I think he's talking about the DevSquare incident I made. I made so many topics for DevSquare to the point that helicoptur got so annoyed.

DevSquare is a game engine I made by the way.

It's something like making topics kind of:
Topic 1-lett
Topic 2-ers
Topic 3-lib
Topic 4 -ra
Topic 5-ry

In brief- unnecessary topics which you can avoid and tidy forum.

No, it's just annoying and unnecessary.

ah yes.

This pixel art looks great, and I would like to add an 8-bit feel to my game. Would you mind if I used it in the game. I'll give you all the credit, ofc.

The game is called A Perfectly Normal Clicker Game.
Here's the link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Yea you can use it

Thank you. I'll add your own icon category to give you credit.

ok cool!

New pixel art

Alonzo drip

That is of utmost perfection. Alonzo is god.