Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

OK so I just moved on from scratch into snap and i need help on how i could make a fnaf game pls help it is apreciated

First off, welcome to Snap!, @welldieman! As to the actual topic, would you mind specifying what you need help with? I should also mention that I think this post belongs in the "Help with Snap!" Category, or quite possibly the "Collaborations" Category, depending on how you want people to help.

hi, welcome to :sn:! It seems as though you want to know how to code in :sn:. While I can't tell you exactly how to code in :sn:, I can direct you to some resources and help for coding in :sn:. First, you should try the official Scratch tutorials. For assets and music, try GIMP and LMMS. at that point, all you need is skill.

This is not a feature request

Also the point of this forum is to help users create things, not to spoonfeed them code and just copy and paste links to various tutorials. Your best bet is to have sprites that listen to touched events and use them for the camera buttons and doors and etc, with the scenery moving left and right based on mouse movement or just camera movement

Hello! I see you are also a FNaF fan too! I hope we can be friends, for there are barely any FNaF fans here on Snap! like in Scratch(There are a lot of FNaF fans in Scratch!).