Frames OS: You've never seen an OS like this. (no, really)

I started this about a month ago for a competition with my friend, and just released the first official version. Expect frequent updates.
Frames OS takes everything in the everyday scratch os project, and makes it better. way better.

Frames OS has a huge focus on design.

The startup is instant.

It's incredibly simple to use.

Windows can be moved and resized.

It's unbelievably smooth.

And creating an app could not be easier.

See it in action now:

mmmmm its nice but...



couldn't figure out how to move them
and resizing to a negative is weird

ehhhhhhh not in fullscreen

I've made a project similar to this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

this isn't simple to use, i have no idea how to move or resize a window.
the main difference i see from this project i released a good while ago is polish, which to be clear is absolutely good, but it needs some design direction.

this looks like it could go somewhere interesting, but considering that only snip has really seemed to get anywhere in the forums i get the feeling that people mainly care about having the most apps in it and not actual capabilities or speed. many projects have done things with multitasking, filesystems, etc but i haven't heard much happen with them.
i stopped working on my project because when i posted about it on the forums the thread never even got a single post

i think i'd need to actually ask why people are so interested in snip and not other things

As @sarpnt said, it's not really that easy to use, I suggest a tutorial.

Very good start, seeing that this is the first version.

Yeah, I get that, it's kinda lonely being like the only big one, we need a competitor!!!

I have faith in frames os.

Dont worry about that, you'll get one soon...

Will it be you? Because your an employee for hyposyn, right?



i'll work on and make programs for an os when:

  • it can run multiple programs at once
  • the programs are actually seperate (two people can work on programs seperately, and when both run at the same time they won't break as long as the programs are made properly)
  • it's clear how to use it and why it's set up in a certain way (exception if it's clearly incomplete, but it should have some kind of instructions)
  • it has instructions how to make programs for it (or is just obvious)
  • it doesn't fake things just to look like a computer os (this isn't a computer, it's snap, do new and cool snap things!)
  • others are actually interested in it

OS6 already has all of these things, in OS7 all of

this will be added. (hopefully)

it doesn't fake things just to look like a computer os (this isn't a computer, it's snap, do new and cool snap things!)

you are faking plenty of things. i also consider leaving around features that don't work to be faking having a lot of features.

  • lock screen (it has a padlock, but what is it locking?)
  • reboot (i think, i have no idea what it would do that's useful)
  • spike
  • product codes
  • app store (how is import different from the product codes anyways?)
  • web browser
  • close all keybind (not only does it not close apps, it doesn't even close asks! there's also a "more" button that shouldn't be there)
  • dock location
  • possibly custom features? i don't see how anything about it is custom but i'm not sure what it's even supposed to be.
  • paint suspend
  • hyposyn search (what even is it? i don't see it doing anything)
  • about info
  • a ton of stuff in tracks is broken or just a drawing that looks like something from a music program
  • lxp studio is just broken
    pretty much all of the branding around snip seems more about pretending to be "official" than about doing anything technical. i feel like there's only a few things that can actually be done in snip, and they would all be better just in seperate projects

the things you're saying would be added in os7 are pretty difficult, and would destroy all compatibility with existing snip programs. if it doesn't run the same programs, i wouldn't consider that the same os.

the things that you don't have are the ones i'm the most interested in, and i already made a project that has everything (except instructions, if i have instructions i don't remember where) but nobody seemed interested so i didn't keep working on it.

all the things i mentioned isn't what would make me want to start using it either, just to try and work on it to make it something i would work on. i feel like even if all of that was done to snip i'd still be somewhat annoyed because we'd have very different goals and i'd still probably have all sorts of complaints about the code.
i have no idea why so many people like snip, if you were to try and do what i wanted i feel like it's almost guaranteed that everyone else would stop liking it because i have no idea what they like about it. you'd probably be better off just doing what you're already doing.

Here's everything ill change and remove:

  • Lock Screen
  • Reboot
    Not removing spike just yet because I'm adding 20+ new answers
  • Product Codes are being moved to the app store
  • Using the app store, you can download games for free and not have them in your more apps section.
  • The "Keybinds" section will be removed.
  • Dock Location will be removed, in Custom Features there will be an option to switch to ProUI (Based off SnipOS 6FLP) or PaperUI (SnipOS 2-3.1)
  • Custom Features is like the "Secret Settings" menu on Minecraft 1.7.10, it allows you to access beta features.
  • Tracks is being removed
  • LXP Studio will be fixed with bug fixes.

I'm trying to make SnipOS Simple & Accessible, but I'm also not trying to limit the features.
I might just make a SnipOS Pro or something that already has proUI installed.

I'm guessing that people like SnipOS because it's simple and easy to use, and normal people don't really need to use a bunch of the stuff that you would consider broken.

In OS7, I will be making SnipOS Blue Ridge more powerful with (I promise)

I've been working on my own OS for about 3 months now, here's what I got right now:

The first one is obvious in mine.
The second, well, not so much, but not very hard.

I don't even understand what you mean by this. It's not really even possible to make a real os. Webpages cant communicate with every device you plug in. It cant run EXEs and APKs.

We'll see once I release it.

Yeah same, I wasn't understanding that either.

yes, but snap projects can save and load files, which can be converted into sprites, rings, images, etc. THOSE can run. snap can also access the keyboard and mouse, and can access more devices such as gamepads with javascript. snap however, CAN'T access drives, so having a C:/ drive doesn't make sense, especially when there isn't a real filesystem. i can't look at your project atm but iirc you have a C drive, and i'm guessing the filesystem isn't real.
my spritz! project uses a scisnap primitive to load in sprites, which could then be used as programs. it's not a good system considering how buggy the primitive is, but i think it gets an idea across.

it starts out in a (as far as i can tell) fake filesystem, in a window that can be closed (why? this just makes it unusable). there's a lot that seems to be stolen from windows for no apparent reason, snap isn't windows and doesn't need many of the things that windows has.

Uh, the project isn't even released yet

you linked MultiOS, even if it's not what you're talking about it's still a good example for what i mean by faking things, and what a snap os could do.

but thats not the os im talking about. multios is a very buggy and discontinued project of mine

what has this even turned into

good question