Frames OS just got updated (update 3)

FramesOS update 3

Significant updates:

  • Added new app: text box
  • Added menu block for apps

Full update log:

  • Added new app: text box
  • Added dev mode
  • Added public sounds
  • Added menu block for apps
  • Tutorial now mentions "Some apps may require you hovering your mouse over it to accept inputs"
  • On startup you now have a chance of hearing a remix of the startup jingle
  • Made the thing that shows your window size when dragging more subtle

Nice job! I love these frequent updates!

Is this the full release, or beta for frames os 2?

This is very impressive. You should have the taskbar on a higher layer than the apps though, so that you can still close an app which covers that area of the screen.

Thank you! Frames OS is kind of already at full release, but it's like Minecraft where even though it's a finished product I'm going to continue working on it until I run out of ideas or something.


I may start making cosmetic OS after I finish doing lambdas and iotas